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The Multicultural Greek Council at the University of Florida

"Unifying Leaders Through Diversity"

Scholarship I Leadership I Service I Community

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About Us

The Multicultural Greek Council was established on November 15th, 1999 to unite and serve the ethnic Greek letter organizations at the University of Florida. A member of an MGC organization experiences Greek life in a very unique way. Our organizations are our families; they are life long bonds made with brothers or sisters. Our organizations are small, so members know each other well. Although ethnically based, we embrace people of all different backgrounds. MGC organizations take pride in their diverse membership. Joining an MGC organization opens the doors for networking opportunities. Respect and knowledge of culture is a major focus of MGC organizations. MGC organizations also work with other Greek organizations in community. service projects and leadership experience

Home: Who We Are

Our Pillars



-Annual scholarships

-Study sessions

-Incentives for academic success

-Recognition of members for achievements



-Leaders of various UF organizations 

-Hold positions within individual chapters and council 

-Southeast Greek Leadership Association



-Philanthropy: Adopt-A-Classroom for

East Gainesville schools

-Semesterly service events


-Individual service opportunities

-The Greek Giving Initiative




-Frequent collaborations

-Unity Summit


Home: What We Do
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